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Uh, Your Canned Beans Might Not Be Vegan: Use This MD’s Tip To Tell

Beans are a staple in many plant-based pantries, but it's important to make sure the beans you're buying truly match up with your vegan values. Source

Setting Down The Mental Baggage We Carry

When it comes to living a happy, meaningful and mindful life, few other forces tend to hold us back more than the mental baggage we tend to carry around with us. And hey, we’re human so we all do sometimes get caught up carrying around our resentments, regrets, judgements and worries, but we also...

Powerful Breathing to Balance Your Brain & Body

Join AllieVF for a powerful breathing practice & guided meditation to balance your brain & body! Journey inward to pause, calm and balance. Source

A Chance to Check In

"I wish I could say that meditating became part of my life because I downloaded an app or felt an internal craving for it, but for me, my meditation practice came out of necessity... I had PTSD, and I needed help." Source

Tenderize Your Heart – Lynn Rossy

According to Dzigar Kongtrul, tenderness is a profound quality that is innate in each of us. Every being has the capacity for warmth and tenderness towards others. And it is this quality of heart that can give us the most “pure and profound happiness that exists.” Source

Changing the mind

If we have to walk across rough and thorny ground, one way of protecting our feet is to cover the whole ground with leather, but this is not very practical. We can achieve the same result in a much simpler way—by covering our feet. Similarly, if we wish to protect ourself  from suffering we...

The Remarkable Benefits Of Meditation For Seniors

The benefits of meditation for seniors will not cure all health conditions, it can provide the peace and energy you need to help live a much better life. Source

A 20-Minute Practice to Deepen Your Awareness

Explore this guided meditation focused on allowing ourselves to settle in the present moment. Practice with Rhonda Magee now. Source

Quarantine has been a unique opportunity to slow down and imagine a new and improved future.

My mind is so focused, and I intuitively know when to take action. I take creative risks. TM is a game-changer. Source

Wanderlust Meet James Dowler: A Teacher Will Appear When One is Ready to Listen

Ravi Dixit is a London-based Traditional Hatha Yoga and Pranayama teacher, now hosting weekly classes on Wanderlust TV every Monday. Source


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